Ticket #501502 wins the Shotgun

Congratulations to the holder of ticket 501502. You have won the used shotgun donated that was raffled off in the fundraiser. Please CONTACT US to make arrangement to pick up your prize.

Please note that you must have valid Possesion and Acquisition Licence in order to uplift your shotgun.


Access Control and Final Safety Session

Mark the 27th of October on your Calendars. Festivities start at 12 noon.

This is going to be a packed day for us at the club. We will be hosting three events in one.

We will be launching the Access Control System, Conducting the Final Club Safety Training as well as Hosting a talk and Q&A session with Tony Bernardo of the CSSA.

Access Control

The Access control system is now ready to go live, with this system, members will use RFID cards to open the main gate as well as the small gate into the range. This will replace the sign in/sign out procedure currently in place. Guest will still need to be signed in.

Those who have a key to the main gate will exchange their Key for an RFID Card (if you do not already have a Key there is a $25 deposit for the card).

There will inevitably be some hiccups with the roll out and we ask that everyone be patient and understanding with this. We will work to make it as convenient as possible for everyone concerned.

Club Safety Training

As part of the roll out of the access contol system we will be hosting the final Club Safety Training, so that everyone can learn about and sign off on the rules for safely using the ranges. Members will need to have attended one of the Safety Session on order to gain access to the range. If you have not attented one of the Club Safety Training sessions, then you will not be issued a RFID Card.

Guest Speaker Tony Bernado of the CSSA

Also on that day we will be having Tony Bernardo of the CSSA giving an update on what the CSSA is doing and aswering questions on how the CSSA intends to protect the intrest of firearms owners in Canada. This is in response to the club exploring a closer relationship with the CSSA and encouraging our members to support the organizations that supports gun owners.


Safety Training and Guest Speaker - 12 - 2pm Saturday 27th October

Card Issuing - 2 - 6pm Saturday 27th October and 11am - 6pm Sunday 28th October

If you have already attended one of the safety sessions then you do not need to be there for the talk, although we do encourage all members to come out and hear what Tony has to share with us. We will issues cards all afternoon Saturday and all day Sunday. If you do not come out on of these days to get your card we will have a few other days planned, but it will mean that you will be unable to use the range until then.

If you have not attended any of the safety sessions you need the be at this one, we have already done three and it will be a while before we do another. You will not be able to use the range so please make the effort to attend this one.


100yd. Range UPDATE

We have cleared out the area and work can now continue on the new range building. While we are completing the building, we have taken the decision to reopen the 100yd. range in a very limited way; We have set up a temporary shooting area inside the new range building to allow members to adjust their sights before they go hunting.

Please appreciate that this is not a full reopening of the range, and that the area is far from ideal, it is a temporary solution.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


100yd. Range Temporarily Closed

We have temporarily closed the 100 yard range to allow us to finish the renovations that were undertaken. We have torn down the old range building and need to remove the debris and make it safe so that work can continue on the new building. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Mandatory Club Safety Training

Jim Salisbury will be conductiing two more sessions of the MANDATORY CLUB SAFETY TRAINING on June 24th at 2pm and June 25th at 7pm. These sessions are scheduled to last approximately one hour.

Every member (New and Old) must attend one session of training or they will not be allowed to shoot once the new access control system is introduced. Please make every effort to attend.


Holster Night are Back!!!


16th Annual Golf Tournament


All you can eat Fish Dinner - Postponed

August 13th 2011