Guest Forms & Invitations
Friday, April 28, 2017 at 10:31AM

Guest Forms & Invitations

Recently the CFO has ammended the terms of the Authorisation to Transport (ATT) to require that anyone who is not a member of the club they are intending to visit must have an invitation to visit that club. Our club is open to visitors and our members are encouraged to invite responsible firearms owners to our ranges. As such we have created an invitation that makes official the invitation of our member to come and shoot as a guest of said member. That is to say that if you have been invited to our range by one of our member, then you are allowed to print and fill out the invitation provided at the link below.

Download Guest Forms

Download BRG Invitations

 Please note that this invitation is only valid if the member that invited you is present with you at the range. You are also obligated to follow the rules govenring the use of our facilities.

We strongly urge our members and potential guest to contact your Federal Member of Parliament and tell them:

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