REGULAR MEMBERSHIP:  Cost $175 yearly plus $100 initiation fee. Granted, after applied for and met the requirements of membership and having paid the established fees.

RESTRICTED MEMBERSHIP: For members wising to shoot restricted firearms at the club. Pays Regular Membership plus $25 restricted fee. Must complete the Club Level Safety Course.

JUNIOR  MEMBERSHIP:  Granted to children of active members who are under the age of 18 as of Febuary 1st. of membership year. Parent/s pays Regular or Restricted membership plus family OFAH difference.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP:   Appointed by board of Directors for distinguished service.

HONORARY MEMBERSHIP:  Granted to member upon reaching the age of 65 who have been in good standing for 20 years.

Becoming a Member

Membership Application Process

1. Download and Fill out application form (bonus points for forms that were electronically filled and printed – PLEASE NOTE: save the form to your computer before printing) - Download the form here

2. Bring you completed application and necessary fees to the membership meeting (held on the 1st Tuesday of the Month - please arrive before 7:30PM). IF you cannot make it to the meeting, THEN you will need to get two members or one director to sponsor your application. You can drop by (Weekdays between 6pm and 9pm or Weekends when there is an event) and fill out the forms and submit with your fee, this will then be brought up at the next membership meeting. If your application is not accepted (most common reason for rejection is misprepresentations on your application) we will give you a full refund after the meeting.

3. You will need to attend a Club Orientation course. This is scheduled after the meting.

4. Three (3) probationary shoots and four (4) hours of Voluntary Labour must be completed before you get full membership (Please Note: you cannot get more than one signature for shooting in a single day).

5. You will need to hand in your probationary membership card with four signatures in order to pick up your membership and access cards.


Additional Benefits
Aside from access to our ranges and other club facilities and being able to participate in club events, when you become a member of the Bridgeport Rod & Gun Club, you will become a member with the O.F.A.H. You will also recieve a subscription to the Ontario Out Of Doors Magazine as long you are a member of the club.

For further information, contact us